Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Off The Needles

NOTE: If you were one of the first few people to read yesterday's blog, there was an error in the recipe. I corrected it quickly, but before you make the pumpkin chili, check to be sure you have the correct amount of pumpkin and beans. Sorry!

In the middle of busy days, there is usually time for at least a few minutes with needles and yarn in hand. There is something soothing in the rhythmic movements of my hands as they loop the yarn around the needles. Over and over, the same movement lulls me into calmness.

Sometimes I'm making something is for myself. Doesn't matter how long it takes when it's for me. I can experiment, try new techniques or try a new yarn. Sometimes--very often, in fact--I'm knitting for another. There isn't a better way to say "thinking of you" than making something special. And then I'll usually fall back on a pattern that's tried and true--one I can make in a hurry.

In a rare occurrence I finished two projects this week. That doesn't mean I'm a fast knitter. It just means I chose easy patterns!

The Baktus is a wonderful scarf because it can be worn many a small shawl or tied around your neck--point in front or back. I've found at least four ways to tie it. So far.

Pattern: Lacy Baktus
Needles: Size 5
Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Sock (color is Tart)

Yesterday I pulled out a pattern I've used many times and made a cap for a new baby that is due any day now. I'll deliver it today to my friend who is the grandmother. I love the vintage look of this soft pink. There is a touch of Angora in this cotton yarn that makes it feel as soft as the color looks.

Pattern: Kid's Fruit Cap by Ann Norling
Needles: Size 6
Yarn: Plymouth Baby Bunny

Now, all of a sudden, I find my knitting bag empty. That is exciting because I can start all over again. But only after spending time in the kitchen today. Let's hope a new recipe for cranberry bread turns out well. If you don't see it here soon, you'll know I'm looking for a better recipe!


  1. D! I love both FOs. I especially love that deep color for the Lacy Baktus. So nice! I was looking through all them on Ravelry just last evening. I think I may want to make one soon even though my knitting bags aren't yet empty. The little hat is so sweet.

  2. The batkus pattern has been in my queue forever. It looks so beautiful in the madtosh sock!


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