Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Knitted Love

The good thing about sitting at home more than usual is that I finished a pair of socks in record time.

Yarn:  Cascade Heritage sock yarn
Needles:  Size 2 (2.75 mm)

When I had complained commented on a Ravelry forum about the unexciting plain gray socks I was working on, someone wiser than me replied...
I do a lot of sock knitting, often in boring colors for the people I love. Yes, it doesn’t have the same impact as knitting with some wonderfully colorful new self-patterning yarn in luscious colors, where each row is revealing new color combinations.
But that same boring “same-old, same-old” can also be wonderfully calming and therapeutic when my day has been full of stress, deadlines, rude people. In the prayer-shawl knitting, they talk about knitting prayers into the work. I often find myself praying or holding the intended recipient in my mind as I knit. I try to knit in a little “knitter’s magic” to help the wearer have protection in his day-to-day activities, especially if he’s going to be in dangerous places (police, soldiers), might do dangerous things by accident or on a dare (children, adolescents), or needs healing (the chronically ill or those facing surgery). I think about all the wonderful adventures these socks will have, and the many places he’ll take them in the course of their life.
I charge socks with having a special destiny, to keep the wearer warm and protected, no matter what each day holds.
May your socks carry the same magic every time he wears them.

Thank you for these words of wisdom. My plain gray socks have gone on to their new owner already. May these socks bless the wearer. Hope she will feel the "knitted love."

Now it's time to feel better and get back into the kitchen

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