Friday, May 17, 2013

Heading Out

The plane leaves just after lunch today. I'm headed to see this sweet face—and the rest of the family, too! Baby Sister is wearing her "Daddy-O hat." That's what she calls it. If you look on the sidebar, down below the quotes and the blog roll, you'll see a few photos and in the last one Baby Sister is wearing the real Daddy-O hat—one of his work hats. Funny that she remembers it from months ago. When she got her own straw hat, she said it was her "Daddy-O hat."

I had a nice note from Big Sister today. I had mailed her some yarn and needles for a new knitting project that we'll work on while I'm there. She told me that she had some shirts that need mending, too, so maybe I could teach her to sew while I'm visiting. Sounds like we will have a full few days.

Daddy-O will stay home and keep things going here. It's a busy time of the year on the farm. It's a beautiful time of year, too. He has lots to do. And I'll be back in a jiffy. He will hardly know I'm gone. I've left an assortment of homemade ice creams for him to enjoy while I'm away.

Strawberry Ice Cream

And yes, I couldn't resist. I made strawberry ice cream last night. I've made enough for now. But goodness, it's been delicious! (Check yesterday's post for the recipe.)

Guess I should get up and go pack.

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  1. I know you'll have a wonderful visit, Dianne! Have fun!


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