Monday, May 20, 2013

Trucks, Tastes, & Tents

How wonderful to have some family time! This trip included a visit to "Touch-A-Truck" where a gazillion small children were checking out every imaginable kind of vehicle up close. Baby Sister did not like the loud horns that were constantly honking. But when she saw the giant chicken it was another story. She headed straight to the chicken to give him a hug.

Across the road was a "birthday bash expo" where you could check everyone who had a product or service to sell or hire for a children's party. There were pony rides, camel rides, bounce houses, clowns, and magicians. And there were many treats to taste.

After a busy morning, a nap was in order. Baby Sister made herself a bed, laid down for a few seconds, hopped up and said, " I feel better." The real nap came later.

But what was Baby Sister most excited about this weekend? Dinner in a tent! Time I got off the plane I heard, "We're eating dinner in a tent today!" No, not today. After the trucks on Saturday, "We get to eat in a tent today." No, not today. But after church on Sunday we DID have our dinner in a tent. I doubt anyone at their church was more excited about that dinner.

During church Big Sister (who managed to dodge my camera all weekend) played in a drum circle during the morning service. So good to get to hear that.

Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather does not interfere with my travel tomorrow. I should be home for dinner.

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  1. Now I want to have dinner in a tent! Very sweet and funny. What a wonderful weekend you're having.

  2. I've been out of touch and not had a chance to check blogs as often. Looks like you have had a big time while I was away. Such fun!


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