Friday, September 13, 2013

A Stitch Here, A Stitch There

I haven't posted much about knitting lately, but there has been knitting going on. It just seems to have taken longer to finish things this year. But I kept making a stitch here and a stitch there and it finally added up. 

Pattern: Summit
Yarn: Sublime Yarn Tussah Silk DK
Needles: Size 5

I started this shawl in September 2012. 
There was lots of stopping and starting, but it's done now, a full year later.
I am so glad I didn't give up, even though that was a temptation.

There is a bit of magic in knitting,
when you can make this wonderful pattern...

...from this goofy pile of yarn and loops. 
That's all knitting is—lots and lots of loops pulled through more loops.

It's this magic, this promise of beauty, 
that keeps me working away even if it seems to take forever.

Make the loops in a different order, and you get a completely different pattern.
Different colors, different fibers, different stitch patterns—it's never boring.

Pattern:  Honey Cowl
Yarn:  Ella Rae Lace Merino DK
Needles: Size 8

And as soon as one project is finished, another is started.

Yarn: Berroco Comfort Solids
Needles: Size 8

I enjoy my knitting...whether it's done in bits and pieces or when I find a luxurious stretch of time to work. I enjoy the projects that ride around tucked into my purse and the projects that must live carefully on a tray so that I don't get confused with the pattern. It's all fun.

Let me tell you knitters about a new tool I found. These new blocking wires were a dream to work with. (Maybe that's why they are so named.) No flat ends to snag in the knitting like my older ones. And they come in this handy storage tube. If you are looking to buy blocking wires, give these some serious consideration.


  1. Summit looks wonderful! (As do your other projects.) I know I planned on knitting Summit, but I've forgotten if I started it or even what yarn I was using. Must go through apartment and gather anything that resembles knitting!

  2. Gosh, I'm behind in my blog reading! Enjoyed all your posts and especially farm photos and Labor Day yarn outing. Thank goodness knitting is portable and can be done in fits and starts.


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