Monday, October 7, 2013

Eye On The Sky

Morning, just before the sun came up.


Evening, minutes before sunset.

There are days when cooking takes a backseat. There are more important things to do, like watching the sky. Our house is situated so that I can keep an eye on the sky as I'm doing other things. Today I was glad to be at home most of the day to see all the changes. For a gray day, there was quite a show.

Yep, no cooking happened today. We had sandwiches for supper—but when I wrapped them up instead of just using bread, Daddy-O thought I had made him something special. Reminds me of a day years ago when the girls were little and had a friend over. I made them peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. Because I didn't have any chips, I sliced apples and then arranged it all nicely on their plates. The little friend said so seriously, "I wish my mom cooked like this at my house." Making it look nice, even if it's on a paper plate, does make everything taste better. It really does.


Flatout Wraps, sun-dried tomato flavor (they are whole wheat, too)
ranch dressing
romaine leaves (thick stem cut out so it will roll)
thinly sliced deli turkey
fresh mozzarella, thinly sliced

Assemble sandwich ingredients in order listed. Carefully roll up sandwiches, tucking in ingredients as necessary. Slice in half on diagonal. Secure each half with a toothpick.

(If I had planned better, I would have made some kind of pie today. So I could have titled this blog "Pie In The Sky.")

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