Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Saying Goodbye

One last morning with Baby Girl. 
I gave her a bottle as the sun was coming up.

One last day with Little Sister.
She "helped" me pack.

Just so you know, I didn't leave Big Sister out—she left for school early and I'll be gone when she gets home. BUT I did set my clock early this morning and made chicken salad for her. (Yes, I was making chicken salad at 6:00 AM.) So her chicken salad sandwich at lunchtime today will be my goodbye to her.

It's been ten weeks. We've had blizzards and tornado threats and hot weather. We had three hospital stays (in two different hospitals) and visited an ER, an urgent care (twice) and three doctor offices. We cycled through worry, anxiety, joy, relief, fun, exhaustion, happiness, and exhaustion (again.) I've read, bathed, scolded, soothed, diapered, cooked, washed and cleaned and sung a thousand bedtime songs. I've rocked a fresh born baby girl for hours. I've slept occasionally. 

We also visited a world class museum to see paintings by Picasso and Matisse and Renoir. We ate at fun new (to us) restaurants known mostly to the locals. We watched Hallmark movies and Bachelor Father reruns in the middle of the night. Big Sister made popcorn for movie nights for just the two of us a couple of times.

It has been the ultimate grandmother gig. What a privilege. But it's time to go back to the farm and Daddy-O.

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  1. And so your heart is torn. I'll keep you close in prayer, friend.


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