Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Days At The Lake

Before Big Sister left for her very busy summer with visits and activities across the country, we took all the sisters and their mommy to the lake for a few days. 

It was fun to have some time for play with them.

There was lots of swimming...

....and floating and paddling.

Big Sister learned to ski. 
And found out how sore you are the day after!

Boat trips were daily fun.

Fair-haired Little Sister had to be extra careful in the sun.
Rest assured, Baby Girl and Mommy were with us at the lake, too,
but they mostly stayed in the shade on the porch.

Big Sister and Little Sister took a trip with me to a 
French restaurant for lunch one day.
We left Mommy, Daddy-O and Baby Girl at the lake.
Baby Girl isn't up to French restaurants yet..

Little Sister isn't ready for ski lessons.
So Daddy-O gave her a boat driving lesson instead.

We ate all of our meals on the porch. Daddy-O grilled hot dogs one night!
As the days drew to a close, there usually was a little
before-bedtime fishing, and lightening bug catching.

There are big, fabulous homes on the lake now. Ones with granite countertops and hardwood floors and spa tubs. There are folks who retire here from northern climes and live here full-time. But we are "original equipment." When this house was built over 50 years ago, people just wanted a little place for a weekend get-away and a place to go fishing. 

We did add the huge screened porch a few years ago, but the house is pretty much like it was in the early 1960s. And we are happy with it this way. I guess a real estate person would call it "rustic." We call it perfect. (Okay. So I have been known to call it "scruffy.") The sisters are the fourth generation to enjoy summer days here. I'm sure that was never a thought when their great-grandfather bought this house soon after it was built. But I'll bet he would be happy now if he could see these little girls having so much fun.

Little Sister said it best every morning soon after she woke up. "I love summer days." 


  1. Love it! From one Mimi to another-about to enjoy 10 days of children and grands in Spokane, Washington. I am so looking forward to lazy days filled with children's laughter and sighs of contentment. Bless you all!

    1. TEN children and grands! I can barely keep up with our crowd half that size. :-)
      Thanks for stopping by and reading. And taking time to comment. Makes us feel like neighbors, doesn't it?


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