Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lazy Lake Days

I've been stuck in low gear for weeks now. Finding it hard to get going. So it was nice to spend some time at the lake last weekend not doing much of anything. There was time to read, time to rest and time to enjoy being with Jessica and Daddy-O. That was enough for a few days. I really hope this summer has plenty of lake weekends in it. 

The giant coffee cup is mine. 
Saves walking back up the hill for a refill.

We've been at this spot on the lake for so many years. Daddy-O has been coming since he was a boy. Some of the "wild and crazy" teenagers who grew up spending summers at the lake are still here. But they are at the lake now, calling out to their grandchildren(!), "Be careful!" Don't do that!" "Time to come in...supper's ready." Time flies.

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