Monday, October 20, 2014

Christening Day


When families are spread across the country, a christening is a grand reason for everyone to get together. All of us. That's a rare occurrance. Baby Girl had her special day last weekend. She wore the dress I made when Little Sister was christened a few years back. And the cap? It has been in our family for generations. What a precious keepsake for us. As precious as the memories of the day.

Baby Girl was good through the entire service. You never know how that is going to go. No tears or shrieking, thankfully. The only crying we know about was from the lady right behind us who told us she cried when Mommy and Big Sister sang the beautiful christening song.

It was a quick trip for us, but we did squeeze in a trip to the Crystal Bridges museum for their current art exhibit, "State of the Art" just minutes after we arrived. It was amazing, even though we were pulled through it at a fast pace by a four-year-old who didn't understand "gazing." The art was wide-ranging in style. I was particularly interested in their fiber-related exhibits—like this tunnel of handmade afghans.

There was another installation of crocheted pieces put together into a sculpture. I love that artists see the world through different eyes than most of us and then share that vision.

There were a few granite sculptures, too. Love the detail in this sculpted sewing machine.

There was a collection of knitted birds, too.
Our race through the museum only gave me time to snap a very few photos.

The weather was cool enough last weekend that Baby Girl got to wear the cap and sweater I had sent to her a couple of weeks earlier. I love seeing these girls in things that I made just for them. (Waiting for a photo of Big Sister in her new gray cowl. ~hint hint~) Baby Girl is too little to know about "handmade" but I hope she appreciated that it was soft and it was warm.

There was a little grandmother time, too. Big Sister was there, but being the typical teen, she was busy with her own things. On Sunday we did get to hear her sing (along with Mommy) for the baby's christening. And I had an email from her yesterday telling me that she had a good audition and made it into all-region choir! Congratulations to her!

Then our couple of days passed and it was time to turn around and drive nearly 1,000 miles back home.  Bless Daddy-O who had to drive all the way there AND back in the rain!

It was so bad coming home that we stopped for the night when we weren't so very far from home. But driving in the dark, and in the rain, and in the fog was more than he felt like doing. Plus, we got to enjoy the fall colors for a bit from our hotel window the next morning.

Now we are home and unpacked. The laundry is nearly done. It's time for me to check the gown before I hand wash it and pack it away for another time.


  1. A lovely post, from start fo finish.

  2. The look on Baby Girl's face in her christening gown is priceless! What a beautiful heirloom cap on her too. I love the tunnel of afghans and the knit bird in your photo did not even look knit until I zoomed in. I must agree with you about seeing the world through someone else's eyes and then sharing their vision.

  3. I read down to here and thought I'd comment. The Christening gown and cap are so lovely - but, of course, the tiny girl made it all come together. Enjoyed reading about your trip to be with family.

    1. Thanks. It was a special time, indeed.

  4. Can you do a more indepth post on your making the Christening gown? Did you have a lot of experience sewing before you tackled it? I do sew and smock but I have never made a Christening how--I am too intimidated. Your gown is perfect--just enough embellishment!

    1. Hi, Janie. I had done quite a bit of heirloom sewing before this gown. Heirloom sewing isn't particularly difficult, but the techniques are a little different that standard machine sewing. This book gives you the basics:


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