Saturday, May 23, 2015

Everyday Wrap

Pattern:  Everyday Wrap
Yarn:  Madelinetosh Tosh Light (Vintage Safari colorway)
Needles:  size 8

Every Thursday I look forward to searching for a parking place on the town square and heading to the Thursday afternoon knitting group. It's just a small group of knitters who gather at a local photography shop (the owner is a knitter) that has room to host us. Some of us had talked about starting something like this for years, then one day I mentioned it to the photographer friend. She said, "How about coming here? Want to start next week?" Perfect!

There is so much chatter and laughter each week. I've gotten to know a couple of new folks. All of these knitters are readers, too, so there is always "book talk," almost like a knitting/book club. It's fun to see what the others are knitting and what yarns they have tried. There is always someone to help you figure out a puzzling pattern.

Our Thursday knitting group doesn't usually do "group projects." Everyone is free to work on anything they want to. But weeks ago we decided to all make this easy wrap to boost our newest knitter. She is making it as her first project after making lots of dishcloths. It's just a rectangle made with lots and lots of stockinette stitch. It is seamed together in a clever manner and it can be worn a couple of ways. 

The pattern also offers a knitted ruffle along the seam line. But I have just the tiniest bit of yarn left. I am still thinking about it. It's possible I would have just enough. Maybe. So for right now it will rest at this stage while I think about the ruffle. This non-ruffled version is also pictured on the pattern, so it is a legitimate choice. 

I think I'll enjoy it all the way through summer. Chilly air conditioned rooms. Cool evenings. I love it when someone else pushes me to make something that I would have never chosen on my own. And I find out I like it. Even the yarn was a gift. I love this color, but I doubt I would have picked it. Maybe it's time I break out of my rut.


  1. What a pretty color! The link you shared has photos of the other ways to wear it. It looks like a fun wrap to knit and wear. Your weekly groups sounds like a keeper.

    1. I think I'd like to make it again with a bigger needle so that it's a looser knit. And yes, the weekly group is a good one!

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    1. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by.


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