Monday, May 25, 2015

Let The Lake Days Begin

Everyone needs some slow days. Days when you can change your regular routine and do things differently. Even just a little break is good.

We are blessed to have just such a spot for slowing down. This lake cabin isn't fancy. It isn't big. Most everything here is old and creaky. But it's comfortable.

There is always something that needs fixing when a house is this old, especially the first time down for the summer. But this place is ours. It has been in the family for over 50 years. My father-in-law bought this place when Daddy-O was about 11 years old.

We mostly do slow things here. (After the chores are done.) A little fishing, hoping all the while that you don't catch anything. A little knitting that you aren't in a rush to finish. Maybe read a book that you've not had time to pick up at home.

There are plenty of lake activities if you want more to do, though. Sometimes we just watch. There is a serious swimmer (top left) who swims the length of our cove. We see an occasional sailboat. (top right) And there are always fishermen, working the water just off our pier early in the mornings. (bottom left) We did enjoy time on the boat this weekend. Never got the kayaks out, though. Something to look forward to next time.

And here is a reminder that we only share this lake. There are so many creatures and critters in the water and in the air and on the land. Birds. Snakes. Fish. Squirrels. Lizards. Raccoons. Beavers. We all coexist peacefully.

We even took a rare evening cruise up the lake just before dark. Not many boats out on the lake last night. That made it even nicer. These are times to savor.

This was a remarkable weekend, one when the temperature was pleasant and a cool breeze was always blowing. Hot weather is more typical. We never turned on the air conditioning. I think that's a first. We also never turned on the TV. We only get one channel anyway, so we didn't miss much there.

Food always tastes better when it's eaten on the porch. We kept the cooking simple. The bacon and eggs I cooked for breakfast this morning was the most complicated meal cooked all weekend. Well, maybe not complicated but it dirtied up the most pans!

Good times this weekend with family. Looking forward to more good times as the summer unfolds.



  1. Hi Mimi, when I look at your lake photos, I think of the phrase "and the living is easy..." The cool breeze, the water views, and the greenery sound/look idyllic. Is the blanket on the couch a Pendleton? I have one like it in our downstairs family room. (BTW - your pics are great. All the pics on my last post were IPhone 6 edited in Snapseed.)

    1. Awww, thanks for all the kind words. That blanket is just a cotton one, more suited to our warm temps. And I am now more impressed with YOUR photos. I have the iPhone 6 and sometimes use Snapseed. The different then must be your eye. I'll keep working on mine.

  2. Such fun to see you back at the lake! I like the kind of summer knitting you mentioned, "the kind you're not in a hurry to finish."

    1. It will get done when it gets done. :-)


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