Thursday, May 21, 2015

Grandmother Gets Home


I read lots and lots of books in the past 10 days. (None over 20 pages long.) When I sat down with a very early morning cup of coffee on the last day, I saw that this book had worked its way to the top of the pile. Prophetic. I was out there babysitting to let Mommy and J-Daddy prepare for their big move in a few weeks.

But yesterday it was time for this tired grandmother to head home. Sitting in the airport, waiting for my flight probably was the longest time I had sat still in many days. My age was telling on this trip. I had all three girls by myself for the better part of a week. Three healthy busy girls were left in my care.

There were still three busy healthy girls at home when Mommy and J-Daddy got back. That was the goal. The bigger possibility was that I would not survive the week! But I did. (I really need to bump up my exercise routine at home before I do this again.)

One thing I was so looking forward to was getting to know the littlest of the three. Because of the distance, I just hadn't spent time with her. It took her a couple of days to warm up to the strange person (me) in her home. But after that, we were fine. She is always walking now. Never still. I spent much time turning her in a different (safer) direction.

Big Sister wanted a French braid for field day one morning. And Little Sister wants everything that her big sister has. I am terribly out of practice but these were acceptable and we got to school on time.

I am an early riser by nature. With the time difference, I woke up VERY early at their house. I found I looked forward to this time just before the sun came up. It was good for me to have some quiet time. There isn't much of that in a house with three children, but I actually knitted an entire shawlette while I was there. Started the day I arrived and finished it just in time to wear home.

Pattern:  Lacy Baktus
Yarn:  Bella Lino
Needles:  size 5

Every morning after I had knitted for a while, still before anyone else work up, I was joined by this sleepy little person who wanted to snuggle. She told me every day, "I'm flying back home with you, Mimi." She had her little pink suitcase packed and carried it around for days. But sadly there was no ticket for her this time.

I'm missing my little buddy this morning, but I'll be back soon to help with the actual getting-those-girls-across-the-country part of the move. And then we won't have to spend a day flying (or two days driving) to see them. That will be nice.

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