Monday, October 3, 2011

Busy Little Hands

Last week included several baby sitting days. It is so much fun to watch a very busy Baby Sister as she explores the world. But I noticed that what fascinates her most are not the bright, musical, colorful, educational toys and books that are scattered about the house. All of those carefully selected gifts, chosen just for her, are left behind.

"Blinds make a nice rattly noise when I jiggle them. And I can watch people walking by."

"Plastic bags are all crinkly-sounding."
(Ziploc freezer bag--too big to swallow, too small to put over her head.)

"Cards that fall out of magazines are just for me."

"Boxes! I love boxes."

"I just love these cards."

And then there was a pink paper cup that was carried around for a long time. And she loves cell phones--the real ones, not especially her toy one. And the TV remote. Lamp has been unplugged and the cord coiled up and out of her way. Outlets have been covered. And Granddaddy installed safety latches on the cabinet doors.

I had forgotten how busy these little folks are. And how very, very quick those hands can be. Best not blink! Because I'm sure we've missed something.

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