Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Day At The Farm

Mommy had lots to do yesterday so we talked (begged) her into letting Baby Sister spend the day here at the farm. Baby is perpetual motion now and you can't blink or she's into something she shouldn't be. That makes it difficult--no, impossible--to get things done around the house while keeping up with her.

Her first stop at our house was the stack of books on the coffee table. 
Look at the one she chose to pull off! Funny reading for a 1-year-old.

We did have one problem, though. She loved playing with the farm toy. Push the pig and it goes "oink" and push the horse and it goes "neigh," then push the cow. The cow goes "moo" and the baby goes "waaaaaaa!!!" That happened every time. Baby Sister just screamed every time the cow went "moo."
This could be a problem given the fact we live on a farm that raises beef cattle! We will see what happens when she meets a real cow.

To calm her down, Granddaddy took her for a walk. She loves going outside. 
And she loves her granddaddy.

They checked out everything in the back yard.

 Even what was on the ground.

The pecan tree is loaded this year. It's time to start picking up pecans.

 Baby Sister watched with interest as her granddaddy cracked open
the first pecans of the season.

And before I could say "Don't!" Granddaddy had let her taste a pecan crumb. Just a crumb size piece. Before I could fish it out of her mouth, she spit it out.  <whew>  Disaster averted.

After a good long nap--Baby Sister napped, not me--we headed back up the road to Mommy's. Maybe we can make "farm day" a regular event. I think Baby Sister would like it. I KNOW we would like it.


  1. She is soooo cute I'm not sure how you stand it :). And how I would love a pecan tree!! Growing up in TX we would pick buckets full--a vivid and favorite childhood memory of mine.

  2. I had a pecan tree growing up and loved picking and shelling them. Hope Mommy was able to get her work accomplished. It's so hard to juggle it all sometimes. Grammy and Mimi to the rescue!


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