Monday, October 31, 2011

Where The Grandmothers Are

In the middle of last week, I got a strange message on my computer that I didn't understand. So before I clicked on the button to "see what happens," I thought I might better get help. Or, maybe lose all my photos. I made an appointment at the Apple Store for a help session. When I got there just before 9:00 on Friday morning, a small crowd--all carrying electronic gear--had gathered near the store entrance. 

A few minutes after 9:00, I found myself seated at a table with three other grandmothers, who all had computer questions. There was another table with a different set of grandparent-aged folks attending a digital movie workshop. Bless the girl with the red and green spikey hair who got me all straightened out. We're trying, kids...trying as hard as we can not to get left behind in the technological dust! 

So I'm back now, questions answered, photos saved, and all my data backed up. Hope to share at least one good cold weather recipe this week. If you are a soup lover, come back later in the week to get one of our favorite (and easy) soup recipes.

 Happy Halloween from Baby Sister!

...our favorite little pumpkin.

"Enough already! Get me out of this suit!!!"


  1. Priceless photos. Glad you didn't lose anything.

  2. Oh my goodness!! She is the cutest little pumpkin ever!! :)


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