Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just One Word

Basic Socks
Cast on: 56 stitches, Leg: K2P2 ribbing
Yarn: Regia (Colorway 04259)
Needle: Size 2 (2.75 mm)

It was a wonderful day to catch my breath, to walk outside and see the riot of colors in my own back yard and watch the butterfly acrobatics going on, to sweep the cobwebs out of the garage (and my head) and to finish my cheery socks, just in time for the cooler weather coming this weekend. All in all, just a good day.

We kept it simple in the kitchen for supper. Just something on the grill and a baked potato. But as I reached into the refrigerator to get butter for the potato, a full quart jar of Duke's mayonnaise fell off the top shelf. 

It hit the floor right at my feet and the jar exploded! In a fraction of a second I was covered in mayonnaise from my toes all the way up to my hair. I stood there in stunned silence for a minute and then began removing mayonnaise by the handful from my face and my hair. I reached for a towel to wipe off my pants and my bare feet. 

Granddaddy saw it happen. He was silent as he watched me begin to scrape the mayo off. Then he said just one word--Baby Sister's very best word. The word she says all the time now as things hit the floor, usually because she's thrown them there.  As he handed me the towel, sounding much like Baby Sister, he just said, "UH OH."


  1. Uh oh, indeed! That's why I buy mayo in squeezable plastic bottles.

  2. Mayo IS good for the hair and skin though, right? Glad it missed your toe and wow! what beautiful flowers!

  3. May I say I'm so glad you weren't wearing those very cheery socks at the time?! Did you break into laughter at his comment?!

  4. Totally dissolved into laugher---all we could think about was that little voice going, "Uh oh."


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