Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day


It was cloudy all day yesterday. Today is even darker and it's raining. I just couldn't face another day of knitting dark gray socks. This the second pair of dark gray socks in a row. Plus, I'm right at the heel of this last sock--not a good place to carry the sock around with me to knit. I need to sit in one place--preferably a quiet place--to knit the heel. Then it can go back on the road with me, riding along in my bag so that I can pull it out for a few rows here and there.

So when Mommy needed an early morning baby sitter this morning, I grabbed a pair of needles and a new ball of yarn as I walked out the door. Bright colored yarn. Baby Sister needs a new hat.  And before she woke up, I had a good start on this one.

This yarn was like a fuzzy rainbow after knitting miles and miles of dark gray. 

I made one last trip up the stairs to check on Baby Sister before I left and I discovered she had just woken up. Now THIS was the sunshine my day really needed!


  1. Both projects look great. Knitting long gray socks really is an act of love, but I know it was a relief to get some brighter knitting on the needles. Not to mention for such a cutie.

  2. Such happy socks. And such a dear baby girl.

  3. What a happy baby! The hat is going to be so sweet on her.

  4. Sweetness! Love that yarn! Be sure to post the cap!


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