Monday, January 23, 2012

Rain, Rain, Rain

It rained Friday. We had photos made for the church directory. We were a little soggy.
It rained Saturday. *Granddaddy fed the cows. He was a lot soggy.
It rained Sunday. We went to church. We were only damp.
It rained hard on Monday (today.) And it was cold. We were wet and freezing.

But in the midst of this rainy season--a ray of sunshine, we did get to play with Baby Sister. Her great-grandmother would have never thought that the butter molds she used for making butter are now building blocks.

But I think that when she took one look at Baby Sister, she would say it's okay. 

This afternoon--day #4 of rain--all I wanted to do was sit by the fire. I wanted to share a new recipe today. But that would have required a trip to the store. In the rain. In the cold.

Instead we are having leftover roast tonight. (3-Packet Pot's better with a chuck roast or sirloin tip roast) I did bake Pumpkin Bread this morning for a breakfast meeting tomorrow. So there is cooking going on here--I'm just stuck on the same favorite recipes. 

In my head I'm singing, "The sun will come out, Tomorrow." And I think it will. I really do. We get a day or two off before it rains again.

*Granddaddy feeds the cows every day. I don't mean to sound like it's an occasional thing.

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  1. Sounds rainy where you are ;)

    There's just something about everyday things around the house that make them far more interesting and special than something packaged up in the toy store!


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