Saturday, March 2, 2013

Snow Day!

Where we live, we measure snow in minutes—not in, "It snowed 15 minutes here. How long did it snow at your house?" "Sad, ours only lasted about five minutes." And those "stand-by-the-window-so-you-don't-miss-a-flake" snows don't come often. So today's real snow was a big deal for us. 

And now, an hour after it stopped snowing (snowfall lasted about 2 hours) it's almost completely melted. That's what makes our snows special. You really have to stop what you're doing and pay attention or you'll miss it. It might be a long time before you'll see another flake.

So glad our barn is red. Looks good in snow photos.

I was afraid if I slowed down to change out of my PJs, it would melt.
Didn't realize I was wearing the "When I am an old woman" purple and red. 
Guess it's time.

On a farm, the work goes on regardless of the weather.
Cows gotta eat.

Snow isn't bad. Ice can be a problem.
Today was pure fluff.

Hay is most welcomed in the snow.

PS  If you listen carefully, you can hear the birds chirping in the snow video. This morning before the snow started, I watched a bird building a nest just outside the window.

UPDATE:  The snow first started falling about 9:30 this morning. Most of the photos were made between 10:30 am & 11:00 am.  At 12:30 pm, I made the photo below. It came. It went.


  1. It came, it went, it nourished the ground. Such a beautiful video - and I loved the chirping birds! We had 8.3" last Saturday and Sunday and today grass patches are appearing.

  2. Isn't that like life? If you don't slow down, you miss so much. Thanks for the reminder :)


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