Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break - Part 3

A highlight of our trip was seeing the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Crystal Bridges Museum. When I was growing up, my grandmother subscribed to the Saturday Evening Post, so I grew up looking at the wonderful illustrations on the covers. Taking a two-year-old through an art exhibit brings its own pleasures—like when she pointed at the crying baby on one magazine cover and said, "That baby needs a hug." And, the scruffy clown painting she saw and said, "Somebody needs to clean him up." It was fun to see how much of the exhibit she actually took in.

But the very best times we had were just doing regular grandparent things— getting ready for bedtime,

...picking out books for bedtime stories.

Daddy-O did things with Baby Sister, too.
She had her first hands-on lesson in using tools.

And our last night was reserved for dyeing Easter eggs. 
Somebody forgot to tell Baby Sister not to peel the eggs first. 

How different she is this year! Last year she just watched. 
This year she could do the eggs by herself. Sort of.

It was fun to hear all the new things she's learned to say since we last saw her. Phrases that regularly peppered her conversation—"Oh, my goodness!" "What in the world?" And my favorite, "Hmmm, I wonder....." that she said as she walked around her huge block structure trying to decide how to add one more block. How quickly they change.

We stopped by and woke Baby Sister up early (sorry, Mommy) for one last hug before we headed home. Won't be too long before we see her again, I hope.

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