Thursday, July 31, 2014

That's What Daddy-Os Do

One of the best new toys purchased this summer has been the pink fishing rod and reel (made by Shakespeare, so it's a real one.) It came with a practice casting plug on it instead of a hook. So Little Sister has worked and worked at casting and reeling in without fear of hooking herself. Or us. 

She has gone out several nights after supper to "fish" in the back yard. Last night I suggested she wait on Daddy-O in case she hung her line in a tree. That had happened a few times already. She told me that she was fine to go without him.

I told her to step away from the big pecan tree that's near the bottom of the steps. Then as she was walking out the door, she told me confidently, "Don't worry. If I hang it in the tree, Daddy-O will get it out. "Cause that's what Daddy-Os do." 


  1. How wonderful to spend a whole summer with your grandchildren in the farm and what great memories for them.

    1. They live so far away that it has been a treat to have them here for the summer.


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