Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Blue One!

Finally. Someone is having a boy. I don't know them well but there is a baby shower for them at church today. And I could not pass up the chance to knit something blue for a change. It rained all afternoon yesterday, so I stayed indoors and knitted this up in a hurry.

Since I seem to be in constant need of one more baby hat, I am designating this cute project bag as the "hat bag." It's exactly the right size. I'm going to keep the hat pattern, the right size circular needles and the double point needles in it. Now the next time I need a hat, all I need to add is the yarn and I'm ready to start. I bought this cute bag (called "A Bug's Life) from Jan Smiley at the knitting retreat. You can find her bags on Etsy.

At dinner last night, we were chatting and I mentioned that I am ready to knit something more challenging. I've made a lot of these simple hats lately. Daddy-O looked at me and smiled. He said, "I remember when making these hats WAS a challenge." And he's right. It would take me several days to make one. When I got to the top of the hat (that's the picture above with all the needles) I would go into another room to knit in solitude because I couldn't manage that part with anything that might distract me.

It's funny how when mastery of skills (of any kind) is slow, we can fail to see how much we have grown.  Sometimes we need a reminder of how far we've come. That we have made progress. Thank you, Daddy-O.

A cousin emailed this photo to me a few days ago. She said the little blonde girl on the right looked a lot like Little Sister. They both have curly blonde hair and a turned up nose and they both know how to strike a pose for the camera.  

Maybe Little Sister does looks like a little like me. How much fun for me to see this! (Where on earth did I learn that pose?)


  1. Oh my goodness. What a pose . . . even with your hand turned up. What a lovely thing for your husband to remember when the hat was a challenge. That is very sweet.

    1. He is sweet. And has always been supportive of my various hobbies and activites. Good guy all around.


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