Friday, April 24, 2015

Knit Another, Then Knit Some More

I should be doing something else. Really, I should. Like grocery shopping and cooking dinner. And there's always laundry waiting. But I can't seem to pull myself away from finishing up these projects that have been "nearly done" for a while. I want to get to end of my "in progress" knitting.

I have made so many little hats for newborn babies. There seems to be no end to the baby showers. And for a long time, my favorite yarn was Baby Bunny—a cotton and angora blend. It was machine washable, which a must for new moms, and so soft to the touch. But this perfect yarn has been discontinued. I just used the last of it from my yarn stash. So a couple of weeks ago, I ordered several similar yarns in different shades of pink, hoping to find another yarn I like as much. Seems like all the new babies are girls, so I know I will use all of these assorted pinks.

 Pattern:  Kid's Fruit Cap by Ann Norling
Yarn: Sublime baby cashmere merino silk dk
Needles: size 5

This is the first of my new yarns and so far, I'm pleased. This is a blend of merino wool, cashmere and silk. And, yes, it is machine washable! That little touch of silk felt good as I knitted it, so it should be comfortable for a baby's tender head.

Why do I find knitting so intriguing? There is always more to learn. Something new to try. I've made lots of baby blankets but not a round one, like this one. The knitting itself is fairly simple, but I'm using an edging that I've never done. I have often wondered how someone figured out how to take these basic stitches (knit & purl) and just rearrange the order in which they are done to come up with all of these different looks.

This has been a busy week here on the farm. Spring has brought both destruction and beauty. Huge trees down on fences everywhere. Cows are in the pasture, so good fences are a necessity. They have been repaired enough to keep the cows in. More serious repairs will come later.

And a couple of days ago, I looked out our back window and saw that these flowers were blooming. My mother-in-law planted these long ago. I love that they are survivors. They have survived bad weather, being moved around in the yard, and my gardening ineptitude. I'm glad these are still with us because they make me smile.

Now....back to thinking of something to cook for supper. I've looked through the recipe index here, and, yeah! I have everything on hand to make Hawaiian BBQ Chicken. So there. It's decided. That's what we are having tonight. I'll go to the store tomorrow.


  1. What beautiful knitting! The blanket looks so cozy and the edging is very pretty. I'm with you on being amazed at how many different ways knits and purls can look.

    1. And you throw in a yarn-over and knit 2 together, and it gets really crazy!!!

  2. Can you post what the color is of the pink hat? It is precious!

    Your blog has inspired me to dust off my home ec degree and do a better job IN my home!!

    1. The color is Pigglet (#001) and yes, it is spelled with two "Gs". The fingering weight is spelled with one G. At least it is on the Jimmy Beans Wool website.

      I have one of those home ec degress, too. Wasn't that a fun major?

    2. Janie, I just looked up the yarn on the Sublime website. The color is Piglet with one G. Jimmy Beans has a typo. :-) Interesting tidbit of info there, too. It says this yarn is machine washable for baby garments, but they recommend hand washing garments for children and adults. Maybe the size/weight of the garment makes a difference?


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