Friday, April 3, 2015

Now She Is One!

When I arrived from the airport and rang the bell, I could hear little feet running to the front door. How much fun to be greeted by two sweet smiling faces when the door opened! I know my arrival would not cause that much excitement anywhere else. And I know this level of excitement won't last, so I'll enjoy these moments now.

Over the weekend I made a quick trip back to the midwest to celebrate a first birthday. This little one's birth last year was accompanied by multiple hospital stays (between mom and baby) and lots of worry. I stayed out there three months during that difficult time. She is all healthy now and walking faster than I can keep up. This was a happy trip.

It was fun to see everyone all smiles this visit. Baby Girl had fun opening her presents (with help from Little Sister) and she enjoyed tasting her cake. The most fun of all? The tissue paper!!!

I flew back home just hours before another ukulele gig. We primarily play for senior adult audiences, so conversations often are about grandchildren. Someone in our band asked another grandmother if she saw her grandchildren often and the answer was, "No. They live 90 minutes away." If you measure "away" in minutes, our grandchildren live 870 minutes away. (To me, ninety minutes sounds pretty close.) When it comes to grandchildren, I guess most any distance is too far away! I am thankful for airplanes that can get me there in a few hours.

After those few whirlwind days, I finally stopped. I crawled into bed and pulled the covers over my head and stayed that way for two solid days. It was the seasonal misery that everyone else has suffered with this spring. Two boxes of Kleenex later, I'm a little better. Enough better to think about cooking for the weekend. I hope after this Easter weekend, I'll have a recipe or two to share next week.


  1. How wonderful that you had a happy trip. I remember last year and the hospital time for her. Happy Easter!

    1. And then she spent her first Christmas in the hospital, too. So glad she is healthy and busy now.


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