Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy Birthday, Little Sister


Our granddaughters now live so much closer to us. Still in a different state, but only a few hours away now instead of a two day drive. That meant I could go down to help with first-day-of-school things last week. It was so much easier for Mommy to do what was needed without getting the two little ones in and out of the car over and over. Big Sister is now in high school. Hard to believe.

And then there was a birthday to celebrate. Little Sister turned 5! Big Sister suggested she needed a birthday crown for her part. Little Sister said she had a better idea—her fireman's hat! Maybe it was because there were so many candles! What was Baby Girl doing during the party? She got a tiny taste of ice cream and loved playing with the gift bags! It was fun family time.

Daddy-O joined us for a birthday weekend. And her Aunt Jecca came for the party.  My daughters now live about 30 miles apart. How wonderful it was for all of us to be together. Before the move, that only happened at Christmas and maybe Fourth of July.

 Happy birthday, Little Sister!

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