Thursday, August 27, 2015

Persistence Pays Off


Remember my frustration with the knitting project that had taken forever? I was so tired of looking at the pile on yarn in my lap that I wasn't sure I was even going to like it when I got to the end. I just wanted it to be over.

Pattern: Pebble Beach, medium size
Yarn:  Mrs. Crosby Loves To Play, Satchel,  Colorway: Wild Huckleberry
Needles: size 6

But I didn't quit. The shawl is done. Finished. Complete. Finally. And I LOVE it. I absolutely love it.

You are never really sure when you start a new pattern with a new yarn. It is a huge commitment to spent so much time and then hope the outcome is a good one. Sometimes it isn't. Those are the ones when I tell myself "I'm learning from the experience. I'm learning from my mistakes"—but I'm still not happy about all the time I spent on a flop.

No flop here. This one makes me happy! It was worth the wait. Worth the frustration. (The frustration was all mine---the pattern is perfect.) Now I'm wishing for cooler weather so that I can enjoy it. Maybe I'll turn the air conditioning down and wear it inside. (No. I won't. That's wasteful. But it's tempting.) Think Daddy-O might take me to the mountains just so I can wear a shawl? It's a thought...

noun: persistence
  1. firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.



  1. It's lovely (and worthy of a special trip to the mountains.)

    1. Thanks, Robin. We'll see about the trip. :-)

  2. Well!

    I could easily never pick a knitting pattern; just copy yours..... This is resplendent!!

    Where on earth does one find a yarn entitled "Mrs. Crosby Loves to Play"....?? I've got to find some.

    1. are too kind. I bought the yarn at a shop in a nearby town. But you can order it from Eat.Sleep.Knit. I have ordered from them a few times and even visited their store. Nice folks.


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