Sunday, July 17, 2011


A party is always fun. Especially a party with cake and ice cream. And even more special is one that celebrates a 100th birthday. Today our church family had a party for our oldest church member. 

He drives himself to church each Sunday for Sunday School and morning worship. He is sharp as a tack--sharp dresser, sharp wit.

We know that since Baby Sister was born in 2010, she won't remember that she helped celebrate a birth that happened in 1911...99 years before she was born. She didn't get to eat any of the good food that loaded the table after morning worship. She didn't even get any ice cream.

But she did get to sit in the birthday boy's lap! Here is a moment for the books---the oldest and youngest members of our church family together. We will save this photo for Baby Sister to see when she's a little older.

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  1. What a charming photo - I love how their eyes are fixed on each other!


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