Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Grandmother's House We Go

Baby Sister and her mommy came to spend a couple of nights at the farm while everyone else was away.  It had been a while since the baby was here. She's pretty mobile now so it was a busy time for all of us since we haven't moved everything out of her reach. I think my floor is well dusted this morning after she scooted around all day yesterday. I won't have to Swiffer today!

But wait---let Baby Sister tell you about her visit in "her own words"*...

Waking up at the farm was fun. 
So much fun, my feet did the 'happy-happy-joy-joy' dance!

Granddaddy picked apples from the tree in the yard---
the ones way up high that the deer couldn't reach.

And Mimi cooked them up just for me--applesauce and oatmeal with cinnamon.
There were fresh picked cucumbers for lunch--not liking them quite so much.

And then Granddaddy said it was time to get ready for work. 
He only let me help water the tomatoes. 
Maybe I'll get to ride in the tractor later. Big Sister says that's big fun.

*"Her own words" as imagined by Grandmother


  1. At least she has her hat already for when she does get to ride the tractor.

  2. Just look at those rosey cheeks!!!


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