Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It Starts Early

Picked up a new toy today when Big Sister and I made 
a quick trip to Barnes & Noble for a book. 
We got a "cell phone" for Baby Sister.

Not sure I have ever seen her as fascinated with a new toy.

Might just be because she's just getting old enough to have better play skills.

Or it could be that she has seen everyone else 
on their phones and wondered what the big deal was.
Wherever we put the "phone", she would manage to get to it to pick it up again.

 Whatever the reason, she loved it. At least for today. 

She took a nap and when she woke up, the "phone" was still fun.
Pretty sure by tomorrow this will be old and she will move on to something new.

Looks like she's trying to send a text to Daddy's Blackberry. 
Hey! It's me, Baby Sister. Just got a new phone! LOL

One of the fun things about being on "grandmother duty" every afternoon is getting to watch the baby as she explores her world. It's all so new to her. And I get to see it through her eyes. 

Just so you know--Big Sister finished her new book this afternoon. She read it all in less than a day. A reader after my own heart!


  1. She does looks like she's texting! Play imitates life yet again :)

  2. So cute! Yep. she'll be texting and twittering soon. LOL


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