Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Traditions - Part 2

In a house built about 50 years ago as a fishing cabin...

...things have been left here "as is" for years, so that it's like a step back in time 
when we walk in. 

It's been furnished with "finds" and cast offs. 
Not just everyone has a school bus seat as a bench in the bedroom.  
There is only a tiny TV that gets one channel...some of the time. 

But we aren't completely abandoning the "new." People come prepared 
with iPads, Kindles, computers and smart phones. 

 But the best part of time here with family is the lazy part.

 Eating our meals on the porch, games of Boggle and reading.

 Sitting on the pier when the sun starts to go down and everything cools off.

There's plenty of time for baby smooches,

and floating,

and teaching Baby Sister the ways of the lake,

and making fun things to eat like S'mores, shaved ice,
and homemade ice cream (that never got hard),

and flagging down the ice cream pontoon to buy a treat,

and watching the 4th of July fireworks show across the lake

It seems like we were there forever but it was just a long weekend. It was long enough to add a few more pages in the memory book. Good memories. The really good kind.


  1. Who doesn't like to go back in time every once in awhile? Especially if there is ice cream. Ice cream PONTOON? Wow! That's a bit different. Glad you had a lazy and fun family time.

  2. An ice cream pontoon? What fun! And I'll bet you've had some wonderful family evenings cozied up around that fireplace on cool Spring or Fall evenings. (Ah that we could survive for a few days without our electronic gadgets.)

  3. You had me swooning over the thought of lake house living...but an ice cream pontoon?! That must be the best!! How fun.


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