Saturday, July 16, 2011

Early Weekend Start

Favorite lap. Favorite lapful.

Our weekend started early. We headed to the lake Thursday night after a little baby sitting and helping get Big Sister out the door for a beach trip with her other grandparents, 

Before Big Sister left on her trip, she finished her knitting project all by herself. This one went at lightening speed. Less than two days. She was even impressed at how fast she can knit now. And she doesn't need me anymore to help start or finish. I'm out of a job!

After all that Granddaddy and I managed to spend a couple of nights at the lake, doing nothing but enjoying the cool weather. Weird weather, but welcomed! Not many chances for those kinds of days. 

Checked out the Laurens Farmers Market on the way home and we're back. Now to get food ready for Mr. Busby's 100th birthday party tomorrow. Wow! 100 years old. Happy birthday, Buzz!!!

Random Things I Know (Now)

100 grams of yarn does NOT equal 100 yards of yarn. (For sock yarn, it's more like 100 grams = 376 yards.) I now have about 2000+ extra yards of lemon/lime sock yarn. Should have read more carefully before I ordered. Lesson learned.


  1. And don't forget to add 'wrote a blog post' to your were very productive this morning! I have yet to make it to the Square Market this summer. I keep of these days...

  2. When life hands you lemon-lime (or even if you order it yourself) make lemonade....ask Santa to bring you some dyes. I imagine Big Sister would love to dye yarn.


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