Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Breathing Room

"Sure." "I'd be happy to." "Of course I can." "Can I help?" "Okay." These are phrases that I say often. But last week all of those things I was really glad to do all landed in the same few days. That happens sometimes. And I wouldn't have skipped one thing I did, but I was out of energy by the weekend. So for two whole days I've stayed home. I've finished reading a couple of books. I took a nap. Things I don't slow down to do nearly enough.

Yesterday I woke up with an urge to stay home but do something worthwhile. So I cleaned out the pantry. It was a monumental mess. Any space that hides behind a closed door can easily get out of control. And my pantry had. It's funny how crowded, cluttered spaces can make you tired. First thing I did this morning was to go look in my pantry and admire it all clean and tidy now. Ahhh......breathing room.

So this brings me to today's recipe. I found a couple of extra jars of salsa in the pantry along with an envelope of taco seasoning I didn't even know I had. The plan is to use up some of the extras before I do much shopping again.  (But I don't think there is any hope for the five boxes of granulated Splenda I found. Since I have never EVER used granulated Splenda, I have no idea what I kept buying it for. I'm sure there was a recipe in mind at some point.)

Salsa Chicken
3 or 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 jar salsa
1 packet taco seasoning 

Put a thin layer of salsa into bottom of crockpot. Place chicken breasts in a plastic bag, add taco seasoning and shake to coat breasts. Put chicken into crockpot (and I sprinkled in some of the seasoning that didn't stick to the chicken) and cover with remaining salsa. Cook on LOW for 6 to 8 hours.

If you google "crockpot salsa chicken" you'll find an assortment of variations on this recipe. Some with beans and corn, creamy sauce, etc. Make it your own.

I'll be serving this with saffron yellow rice that I also found in the great clean-up. And maybe we'll top it with cheese or sour cream. Or both.

Now to move on to some other cabinets that need help intervention. Before the urge passes.

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