Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend

What a full week we've had. Every week is busy but this one had a few extra events tucked in between the regular busy. One of the very best things was getting a chance to visit with family at a baby shower in anticipation of another baby girl.

Little cousins helping celebrate the coming of a new cousin.

I made a baby blanket for this baby-to-be. 
It's another Sunny Baby Blanket made from Berroco Comfort yarn.

Baby Sister enjoyed all of the party. 
And she enjoyed the opportunity to play with someone else's toys.

Back at the farm after the baby shower, there was time for outdoor play.
(Thank to Jessica for these, and the church photos.)

Easter Sunday is a high celebration. 
A celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Our annual "family in front of the flower cross" photos.
If I'd take the time to look, I could find these for each year 
since the two "big girls" were very little girls.

One of my greatest joys today was holding Baby Sister as the congregation sang "Christ The Lord Is Risen Today" with lots of allelulias. She watched and listened as we all sang together. She turned and watched the friends behind us. She leaned around to see our family seated all the way down the pew, taking it all in. She loved hearing the timpani play loudly. She also did a little "conducting" of the choir from our seats. 

And Easter always means a family dinner after church. 
Nothing fancy, just some favorites. I'll share the one new recipe soon.

Family together. 
What more could we want?

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  1. What a happy day! Looks like the perfect Easter. And that deviled egg dish is TOO cute!


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