Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Deep In The Heart Of Texas

To understand how big a deal this trip was to us, you have to know that Granddaddy and I had not flown anywhere together since our honeymoon. And it had been so long since Granddaddy had flown, that he was the only one in the airport with no wheels on his luggage. Times have changed since he flew a lot for his job years ago.

It was a real treat for us to see a part of the country we had never visited. We arrived at Horseshoe Bay, Texas just after dark last Thursday evening. So it wasn't until the next morning that we could really see where we were. And it was beautiful.

While Mommy and Daddy were busy doing wedding things for a couple of days, Granddaddy and I worked as baby wranglers. (Isn't that what we should call it since we were in Texas?)

We had good help from Big Sister, who also served as photographer for much of the trip. 

Baby Sister loved the huge 6-inch section of the heated pool.

And she loved being with her sister. 
And Big Sister loved spending time with the little one.

We all spent a good bit on time on the activity field. 
Daddy tried to explain a little about football to Baby Sister, 
who mostly liked marching around with the ball.

Big Sister is a terrific jumper and Baby Sister watched and tried to copy.
Dragging the rope behind her was as far as she got this time.

Lots of watching and learning. 
Next time Baby Sister will be ready to play.

There was something beautiful to look at everywhere we turned.

We had never seen so many butterflies. 
Baby Sister did her best to touch one.

It's a good thing the grown-ups outnumbered Baby Sister. 
It took all of us to catch her and turn her around every couple of minutes.

I'm sure Baby Sister won't remember any of this.
But we will. Such good memories.

Coming next:  The Wedding.


  1. Darling pictures! Thanks so much for sharing your Texas adventures.

  2. Such great pictures!! Looks like a great trip!

  3. I really enjoyed going along on your photo journey ~ rest up!


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