Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happily Ever After

My South Carolina vocabulary doesn't have quite have words to describe the hill country landscape that was the setting for the wedding. It reminded us of our low country--but on a hillside. With cactus. Far from the ocean. The only word really needed is "beautiful." See for yourself...

Baby Sister enjoyed the evening as much as any guest there.

But soon after the dancing started, her eyes got heavy 
and it was time to leave the rest of the party to the grown-ups.

As I carried a very sleepy baby to our car, 
she looked up into the dark Texas sky and reached up as high as she could. 
"Uhhnnn.." she groaned as she stretched hard and then harder.
I wasn't sure what she was doing.

And then Baby Sister said, "Moon."
She was trying to touch the moon.
I hope she always reaches high.


  1. I am just now getting around to blog reading. Boy! You have been busy! Great photos and looks like everyone had a great time. Still I know you are happy to be HOME.

  2. Beautiful pictures and sweet smart baby girl!!
    Just like her Mama, sister, grandmother, and aunt! I love being a family of awesome girls!!

    1. We are nearly an all-girl family, aren't we? And, yes, we are awesome!


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