Thursday, June 28, 2012


We've been so busy here the last couple of weeks, as Mommy is getting her family ready to move far, far away---okay, so it's really more like four states away, not across the ocean or anything. Part of these final days here have included doctor visits for Baby Sister. She had some of her two-year-old appointments a few weeks early so that she could see the same doctors as usual. They included a trip to the orthotist and the Children's Hospital here to have final evaluations of some issues related to her premature arrival. She was dismissed by both doctors and declared to be perfectly fine!

But as I waited at these specialized places, I watched mothers coming in and out with children with true "special needs." There were challenged twins coming out as I pulled in the parking place beside their van--one in wheel chair and the other walking with difficulty. They were about twelve, I would guess. As I watched the mother getting them into her car, I thought about how many years she had been doing this and how many more years ahead she would continue to do so.

There was a little boy in a stroller yesterday, hooked to tubes and wires in all directions. The nurse was helping get all of those tubes arranged so they could leave the doctor's office. And there were other moms and children, each with a different set of problems.

I counted my blessings for this healthy child we have. And I said a prayer for the families who work harder to tend children who face great challenges. 

So today when I hear "Hoppa?"(hop up?) for the thousandth time, followed immediately by "Down," I will be happy we have a child who is perpetual motion. A tired grandmother--who is tired out by normal baby activity--is a happy grandmother.


  1. A happy and blessed grandma indeed :)

  2. It often takes me seeing the same kind of things to remember how much I'm blessed in life. I hate that I forget to get up everyday and just immediately know that my life is as close to perfect as I can ask for.

  3. So true, D. I think that top photo says so much. Life whizzing by out the window.

  4. Look at that precious little girl!! Yes, healthy children are a blessing and this reminds me to support programs that research and educate professionals in the field.


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