Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kiddie Knit Lit

My grandmother gig has taken a different turn for the time being. Baby Sister, her mommy, and big sister have moved in here for several weeks as their furniture has moved to storage. All of this is in preparation for a move far, far away. Well...the middle of the country sounds like the other end of the earth to Daddy-O and me. (Daddy's job is the reason for the move and he is already out there.)

So my knitting has been mostly tucked away for now, out of the reach of little hands. My knitting time has turned into reading time---not a bad exchange at all. Imagine my surprise when nearly every book that Baby Sister has brought to me the last few days has a knitter in it. She picked these books. Not me. These are from her regular stack. No plan on my part to buy her books with knitters! A couple of these belonged to my own little girls. So glad we saved them.

I love it when she reaches up with a book and says, "Ree?" (If you don't speak "baby" that translates to "Would you please read this book to me, Mimi?")

Can you recognize these books? Leave me a comment if you know them. I am betting KNOW that some of you have read these books to your little ones, too. (See if you know the book before you look at the answers at the bottom.)






Answers:  A. The Lady With The Alligator Purse, by Mary Ann Hoberman & Nadine Bernard Westcott; B. & C. Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown;  D. The Happy Lion, by Louise Fatio; E. The Berenstain Bears and Too Much TV, by Stan & Jan Berenstain.


  1. We've read all but The Happy Lion ~ have to check that one out! Our granddaughter always asks us to read a book to her when we skype. This morning it was Just Me and My Dad. (Yesterday morning it was Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear.) Reading to little ones is such a delight.

  2. What a happy time Reading Time is!

  3. Only "Goodnight Moon" was on our list. Generation gap!


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