Monday, June 18, 2012

The City Mouse And The Country Mouse

When my girls were little, one of their favorite stories was about the city mouse and the country mouse. This weekend, like the country mouse in the story, we left the farm and headed to Atlanta to spend the weekend with Jessica.

We ate wonderfully different flavors at Cakes & Ale
where everything is fresh.

We visited places we had never seen.
This was nice because we remembered almost everything here.

We admired the gardens and the city view.

We had lunch at the Vortex, an Atlanta landmark. 
Excellent burgers, by the way.

We tried a new restaurant that opened less than a month ago.

I dressed in something besides blue jeans 
for three days in a row.

It was wonderful to spend time with Jessica and see her world.

But it was oh, so good to get home last night,
where the traffic is an occasional truck 
passing by on our farm-to-market road.

The city is a wonderful place to visit, 
but I'll take living the country life any day.


  1. This city mouse so enjoys the glimpses of your country living!

  2. Home, home on the (Front) Range. City life isn't for me, either.


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