Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Keeping Mimi On Her Toes

Blogging time has become chasing time, reading time, feeding time, play time and so on. Busy days here at the farm. Lots of encouragement mixed with a healthy dose of "No, m'am."

Thank goodness I put several things in the freezer from my cooking a few weeks ago. The salsa chicken I made in the Crockpot made excellent chicken & cheese quesadillas this week. Turkey spaghetti sauce from the freezer was a quick supper last night. 

Don't forget to take advantage of your freezer this summer. I've done the big batch cooking but decided that for us it works better just to make a double batch, or even divide a normal recipe--eat half and freeze half. A month's worth of one recipe was too much for us.

Ooops....there she goes again. Gotta run.

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  1. We'll be running after three little ones as well this weekend (although one isn't up on her feet yet) ... can 't wait! Enjoy this precious time.


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