Tuesday, August 21, 2012

High Tech Grandmama

There is a person I know who says often, "If my grandchildren want to talk to me, they can call me on the phone or write me a letter. I'm not doing that email stuff." And he means call him on his house phone, not on his cell phone that's in a drawer somewhere. Text messages are not even in his vocabulary. On the other hand, I'm happy to hear from my family any way they want to communicate. 

I was delighted to get this text message last night as I was waiting to start our program. (Big Sister just got her own phone!) Sounds like Big Sister survived her first day of middle school. We are all glad to be past that first day.

Baby Sister had her own big day---her car seat was finally turned around to the forward facing position. In a two-year-old world, that's a big step, too. Thanks to Mommy for emailing me a photo. Personally, I'm thankful for all the technologies that let us keep in touch. 

I always wonder if there were people many years ago who resisted things like the telephone---"If you want to talk to me, don't expect me to get one of those new-fangled telephone things! You can just come knock on my door." I'm betting there were.

Note: If you wondered about the text message above, yes--I lead a ukulele band. The Yesterukes band is made of mostly grandparents who primarily play for audience filled with more grandparents. You can learn more about us here


  1. Okay, if you're gonna go high tech (g), are you guys hooked up to Skype? While I don't use it myself (because no one I communicate with has it), Himself and his brother spend about an hour or more each morning, catching up, discussing the ranch, whatever. He just got my friend, Nancy, set up to use it to talk to her brother in VA and see her 6 mo old great niece, whom she's never seen. It's free. It's a bit like a telephone, EXCEPT it can also be a "video conversation, as it uses the computer's built in camera. With Skype, you and Big Sister and Baby Sister can sit at the computer and talk to each other (sort of like a speaker phone, using the built in computer mic), while seeing each other. Big Sister can hold up school projects, you can show her knitting projects as you talk about them, you and your daughter can "see" new recipes you've tried. As I said, there's no charge for the time you spend talking and it's a bit more personal because of the fact you can see each other. If you haven't looked at it, might be worth while to do so. And might be something some of your techie Uke grandparents would be interested in. Just a thought.

    1. Yep, we have used Skype and Facetime (which works the same way for Mac computer users.) It is a pretty nice way to visit--at least when the internet connection is working well!

  2. I'm right with you ~ any way they want to communicate is just fine with me! The picture is darling. She looks healthy and happy. Take care.

  3. It has to be more fun to sit looking forward. Certainly there are more things to see now.


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