Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hitting The Road

I went almost to the midwest and stayed for three weeks with less "stuff."  

Leaving Daddy-O here to tend the cows and the farm while Jessica and I head to one of our beautiful beaches on the other side of the state. The temperatures have cooled off. Kids have gone back to school. Should be a perfect week for us to be there.

I might post something from there and I might not. It's supposed to be a lazy week of walking in the sand, reading on the beach, enjoying the best crab cakes ever at our favorite little tavern and ordering grouper and creek shrimp at the restaurant with the giant fish coming out of the roof. We've eaten at the "fish in the roof" restaurant since our girls were small enough to choose a plastic sea creature from the box the owner brings around to the kids. He's still there and still passing that box around to all the children. (Baby Sister got to pick one out last year.)

Come to think of it, maybe you should see a couple of photos of our favorite places. We'll see if I manage to get the camera out at all. This vacation is all about resting up. And keeping up the traditions.


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