Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Busy Girls

Now I will admit to possessing some skills with scissors, glue, tape and most things crafty, so when talk of this science project started, I'm pretty sure my name was included in the planning process somewhere along the way. But it worked out that I was not here when it was time to actually do it.

And when I got back and heard discussion of "methodology" and "variables" I was glad that Mom and Dad were around to help. I don't remember 4th grade being quite like this. So Big Sister and Dad worked on the testing process and then Big Sister was in charge of the assembly. Mom made the photos as the project was in progress. How cool it was to get an email the day of the science fair telling me that Big Sister won first place for her class!

Big Sister has also been working on another knitting project. This project I can help her with. She knitted a bracelet which meant she had to learn how to purl for this. She also learned that mistakes happen and if you don't panic, it's easier to fix it. And she learned that not everything can be finished in ten minutes. Now her friends want bracelets. I already know what she'll find out next--after the first one, it gets easier!

So what was Baby Sister doing while everyone was busy? She was doing her work, too. See the concentration? Maybe she's planning HER next project.


  1. Don't you wonder what they're thinking at that age? They can't put words to it yet, but thoughts are there nonetheless, along with developing problem solving and emotions. Dear baby!

  2. Tell her to knit a bracelet for me!


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