Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catching My Breath

A busy busy weekend was followed by the car crisis on Monday and then yesterday (Tuesday) the day started with a computer crash.  Today (Wednesday) is a day to stop, breathe and then I'll start again tomorrow.

But here is a little of our weekend...

The Through The Woods hood is finished for Jessica. Easter hood?  Or  let's look at it this way--I'm really ahead with my knitting for next winter.

Baby Sister had new party clothes for the baby shower at her house this weekend. There's a new cousin on the way!

I posted the recipe for the puff shells earlier but I wanted to show you the finished product. This was part of our party food. We love to fill them with homemade chicken salad.  Do not tell anyone how easy these puffs are.  Then they will think you are a kitchen genius.

So very thankful for a calm day today.

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