Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grandmother Goes To Town

One book I read over and over to my girls when they were small was The County Mouse and The City Mouse.  Well, this weekend I felt a little like the country mouse when I headed to Atlanta to spend the weekend with Jessica. I'm always a tad unnerved when I hit the place on I-85 where the traffic spreads out across 6 lanes--all going in one direction. I live on a road in the country where it can be hours before a vehicle passes our house.

I've told Mommy (who is busy with work, baby, 10-year-old daughter, house, etc.) more than once that is important for the caregiver to take care of herself. If that person gives out, everyone is in trouble. So this weekend I headed south for a couple of days to relax and recharge my battery. Then tomorrow I'll be back to "grandmothering", all rested and refreshed.

Here are some highlights of my weekend:

I love walking into Jessica's apartment. Anywhere you rest your eyes there is something beautiful and interesting to see. It all is just "her."

You just see things in the city that you don't find at home. I can say with certainty that I have never seen street poets in our little town. The poems were free--you just had to provide the topic. We passed them by at first but then Jessica laughed and said, "You should have asked for a ukulele poem." I turned right around and did just that.

Turns out the poet was also a ukulele player! How funny. So after he wrote my poem and read it to us, he pulled out his koa uke and played us a tune. 

Yeah! I finally have a new computer. (I know they sell them at home, too, but I never slowed down to go to the Apple Store here.)

The new swift and yarn winder work. Good to know. (And my first phone call when I got home tonight was from Big Sister. "Mimi, I have a knitting question. How do I...?" So glad these younger folks enjoy knitting. too.)

Atlanta has so many good restaurants that it's always hard to choose one. Babette's Cafe was perfect. Take a close look at the "Senior Zone" sign in the photo.  Think that might have influenced Jessica's decision to take me there? I will admit that most dinner guests were closer to my age than hers. But it could say "elderly zone" and I would go back in a skinny minute! The food was fantastic. We sat outside on the porch and enjoyed a leisurely dinner and the perfect weather. 

R. Thomas is just a place you have to see to believe. It's on Peachtree Street, right in the middle of town. There are parrots in the cages along side of the building. Parrots that shout "Hello!" as you walk by. Crazy. Kids love it. I love it.

The dining area isn't glassed in--it's wrapped in plastic. So it's a little like indoor/outdoor dining at the same time. But the food is excellent. And healthy. They'll feed the vegan just as well as the burger lover. Natural foods, raw foods and meat. Now that really is something for everyone.

This morning we were there for breakfast. And don't worry, I didn't actually eat all of this. But I wish I could have. You really need to click on the R. Thomas link and read more about this place.

Jessica has a more complete list of all the restaurants we visited on her blog. But then look at the supper she cooked right after I left! I'd be happy just to eat in her kitchen.

Oh, you might just see Baby Sister in a new outfit or two soon. Jessica and I may have done a tiny bit of shopping besides buying the computer. But not too much. Baby Sister is growing too fast to buy much at one time. 

The weekend was all fun but I'm glad I'm back home now. Thanks, Jessica, for treating your mama well!


  1. So much fun! I can't wait to see the girls in their new clothes!

  2. Glad you got a much-deserved break!

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend and I'm so glad you realize "caring for the caregiver" is an important part of the whole process. New sights and sounds, time with Jessica, good food, a poet who plays the uke - who good ask for more?

  4. Bare feet in mid-March. Glad you got recharged.

  5. Oh, I can hardly think of a better place to recharge than Atlanta! Looks like you had a fantastic time!!


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