Monday, March 28, 2011

Knit A Bit

Almost everyone says, “There’s nothing on TV anymore—200 channels and still nothing to watch.” But for all we say that, we rarely turn it off.  Well, Mommy does. It’s astonishing how much time there is for other things when we are not all glued to the television. Big Sister and I have enjoyed having “knit night” right at the kitchen table about once a week.

I had never thought about how much you learn (besides the knitting) when you learn to knit. But watching this busy little body settle down with needles and yarn has opened my eyes.  She’s learned patience. She’s learned to stick with it until the project is done. She’s learning about the joy of giving—all of the bracelets she’s made have been given to others. For now all of my bits and bobs of yarn are destined to be made into bracelets for the girls in her class at school. That’s a real friendship bracelet.  

Sometimes the knitting fairy checks in on her progress. (I think she might be a cousin to the tooth fairy. Maybe.) The knitting fairy really likes this dishcloth.

Another lesson Big Sister has learned while knitting is that mistakes happen and it’s not the end of the earth. The other day I heard her talking to herself when she had dropped a stitch, “Now don’t panic…stay calm...” as she worked to fix her error.  That’s a HUGE life lesson.

And what am I knitting?  I made a quick hat last night for Baby Sister.  Poor baby had outgrown her others and her almost bald head was chilly yesterday. She needed a new hat for this last blast of cold weather. Love a pattern you can finish in one sitting. Temps are headed back up by the end of the week, so I'd better be looking for summer patterns!


  1. She has the patience to fix her own mistakes? She's well on her way!!!!!

  2. Patience! It is still on my list of things to learn.


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