Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Come To The Table

"Come to the table" is often how the invitation to come to the altar for communion is extended.  Communion is such a special part of our church life. And today Baby Sister went to the altar with her mommy. A baby, man who will be 100 years old in a few weeks, and every age in between--all coming together to share the bread and wine (except it's grape juice in our church.)

Baby Sister was born early and spent several weeks in the hospital. When it was time to go home, flu season had just started. So her doctors recommended staying away from crowds until all danger of flu had passed. And this year it seemed to last forever. So this week was Baby Sister's first Sunday morning service. It's not proper to take photos during the service, so you will have to picture the scene as the baby came into the sanctuary. She was positively a magnet! Everyone wanted to come look and oooh and aahhh. And Baby Sister wanted to see everyone who was looking at her, her little head turning quickly this way and that way. And she responded to all of the attention with smiles for everyone.

Our sanctuary was built in 1897. The history of this church is a long one, going back further than this building. This week Baby Sister starts a new chapter as she becomes part of the history in this church. 

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  1. What a special, special time. How your heart must have swelled with delight. Such a lovely church, too.


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