Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Puzzle Parts

Yesterday was one of those days with parts that had to fit together like a puzzle.  I played with the Yesterukes in the morning. That meant that Granddaddy had to take over the baby duties to let me go there. The ukulele gig included lunch, but I skipped lunch to be back in time for Granddaddy to make his early afternoon doctor's appointment. (Thanks to the lady who insisted she pack a lunch and send with me. It was delicious.) Good thing we believe in team work. It all got done on time. And good thing Baby Sister doesn't care which one of us is here. She's such a good baby.


Can't you tell she's a good baby just by looking at this sweet face?


  1. I bet that lady that insisted on sending you off with a packed lunch was somebody's aunt. Sounds just like one of mine. Or maybe a grandmother!

  2. You can indeed! Such a dear, dear baby girl.

  3. Oh my word. I don't think I'd get a thing done if there was a Little Miss with those eyes looking at me...I'd just sit and stare back all day! She is so precious.


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