Sunday, April 24, 2011


Highlights from our family's Easter Sunday...

Morning worship that ended with the Hallelujah Chorus.

Photos in front of the flower cross.  We always make pictures in front of the cross.

Back home for lunch. I did get the table set last night, thankfully.

Jessica whipped up fresh guacamole to tide us over while dinner cooked. 
A new tradition maybe?  Easter guacamole.

 There is never a holiday dinner without macaroni and cheese. 
Not at our house anyway. This one was as pretty as any ever made.

Baby Sister in the high chair that was first used by her mommy.
 Her Easter dinner was green beans. Just green beans. But homemade by her mommy. Yummm...

A little quality time for Baby Sister and her Aunt Jessica.
The necklace Baby Sister is playing with belonged to her great-grandmother Kat.

A strawberry farm is just down the road from our house.  
We needed a little outdoor activity after a big lunch.

It didn't take long to pick two gallons of strawberries. 

And what did I not get done? I won't tell all but I do hate that I never got a photo of everyone together. It's a rare time when all of the family is in one place. And I forgot to make a picture. [sigh] 

As the week goes on, I'll share a recipe or two from my day spent in the kitchen yesterday. Promise it's all easy.


  1. A lovely, warm Easter, wasn't it? So glad you were all together to enjoy it. Ours was lovely as well, although sadly without mac and cheese.

  2. Would love to take a peek at your recipe for macaroni and cheese! What a lovely day all y'all had!

  3. My goodness, you have nearly all my favorites covered: guacamole, fresh strawberries, cute babies, mac n cheese, family gatherings...what a lovely Easter you enjoyed!


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