Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Fun

I scooted out the door on Friday afternoon, leaving Baby Sister with her granddaddy, so that I could head to Atlanta for a visit with daughter Jessica. She and I had plans to visit Stitches South on Saturday. That is a huge yarn/knitting/fiber show. We wanted to see what yarns they had to offer. And see yarn we did.

You could buy camel yarn, musk ox yarn and buffalo yarn. Or stainless steel yarn. Or a soft yarn made from recycled blue jeans. There were knitting needles made of beautiful glass, square knitting needles and knitting needles the size of tree limbs!  (The yarn that went with those was the size of rope.) There were yarns whose price far exceeded my abilities. And bins of bargains. So much to see. I tried to be reasonable and only choose a few things. One of the skeins of yarn in the photo was free! Jessica won a door prize. That yarn was more expensive than any I bought. Can't beat that deal. And sweet daughter gave it to me.

While we were there, we got to meet an internet friend in person. I always had pen pals when I was growing up. This century's version of pen pals are the friends you "meet" online, usually through blogs. How much fun it was to meet Stringplay in person! It's so nice to have a face and a voice to go with the emails now.

Other than the visiting yarn show, we ate. And ate and ate. Jessica knows the best places for good food. We had dinner at JCT Kitchen, Cakes & Ale and Highland Bakery. She asked which was my favorite. But that's like the old apples and oranges thing--each one was wonderful but different from the others.  It needs to be salad and water for me the rest of the week.

I was only gone from Baby Sister for 2-1/2 days but when I got back this morning, her hair was noticeably thicker, her sitting up had gone from wobbly to steady and she is eating peas now! She looked at me really funny this morning. I wondered if she was thinking "who are you?" or "where have you been?" I'm betting on the latter.


  1. Such fun to meet in person. And doubly fun to get to meet your sweet daughter, too. Next time maybe even Baby Sister.

  2. It's amazing how quickly they grow/change. (Stainless steel yarn? Seriously?)


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